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American Tutoring Association's unique Tutor Certification program is quickly becoming the national standard. Our Certification process is intensive and assures parents and teachers and other tutoring organizations the tutor they are using has the content knowledge, ability to communicate and integrity to work as a private tutor.

ATA Tutor Certification consists of the following checkpoints:

  • Initial Standards Screening: Must have minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and one year of tutoring or teaching experience. (or ATA approved equivalent)**
  • Reference Verification: Provide two letters of recommendation from education related, professional reference. (ATA reference form or standard letter are acceptable.)
  • Three Tier Criminal Background Check: ATA, in partnership with Pinkerton Securities, runs a three tier criminal background check, including Department of Corrections, Sex Offender Registry, and Social Security Verification.
  • Completed Online Application: Includes all online application information, references, copy of highest degree earned and payment for one year’s certification.

**If you have a high school diploma or Associates Degree but have ample tutoring experience and believe you qualify for ATA Certification, you may be able to attain ATA Certification by completing our Certification Training Program. Click here for more details.

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Sunrise, FL

Education is an evolving field. The standard learning environment is not always suitable for a child’s evolving needs. Rather than pigeon-hole a student as “slow” or “inattentive,” it is the instructor’s duty to understand why a student processes information differently. Once the student’s learning style is properly assessed, the right teaching method can be applied.

The brain is like a muscle—the more it is exercised, the more it grows in capacity. It is my job to continually search for innovative ways to encourage intellectual growth while providing a solid foundation of knowledge. I hope to inspire students to believe that education is a worthwhile pursuit, that knowledge is power, and through learning the possibilities are endless.

-CPR certified

-8 yrs. of professional and private tutoring experience

-References upon request

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