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American Tutoring Association

Welcome to American Tutoring Association. The ATA is a 501C(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating excellence in private tutoring. Through Tutor Certification and Scholarship Building, the American Tutoring Association is creating new standards within private tutoring while creating opportunities to expand the current tutoring market.

  • Tutor Certification
  • Tutor Training
  • Ongoing Tutor Support
  • Creating Tutor Scholarship Funds
  • Establish New Standards For Private Tutoring
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I have always been intrigued with learning, and continue to be enthusiastic about learning new things. My enthusiasm for learning overflows into my tutoring style.
I can say that my tutoring style is creative and unique, as well as flexible to the various learning styles that my students possess. Each student's unique learning abilities, allows me to be creative and design activities that cater to his/her skills and interests.
The specialized tutoring activities, are not only designed to allow my students to use their natural skills, but enhance the weaker points in their learning abilities.
I believe that learning should be a fun, positive, and enjoyable experience for ALL children. And with this philosophy, I will continue to create a tutoring style that will be a reflective source of encouragement for my students to be successful learners.

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Phone: 1-800-494-0670

PO Box 278
Nokesville, VA 20182